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    Re: Microsoft owned again

    Originally posted here by fyrewall

    another deface of a microsoft site .. tisk tisk ... if they cant get their own software right how can we
    Ummmmmmmmmm,use a TOS.

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    tell that to m$ heh

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    hmm, wasnt update.microsoft.com in trouble a while back. It all seems fine now though. Reason? Fingerprint it and see for your self

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    Originally posted here by Zetaphor
    Windows Critical Update, patch your servers before we do! They nag end users about patches and updates, and cant even keep up with the crap they serve.
    Hmmm... this is interesting since MS claims that they get patches out in 72 hours.


    Microsoft's IT department is well aware of the hassle involved in patching the company's systems every time a Windows vulnerability is discovered. In the same way customers are forced to patch their systems, Microsoft's IT department deploys Windows updates as often as they're issued. Because of the testing involved, it can take up to 72 hours to roll out a patch across the company. Markezich says his organization doesn't get any head starts; Microsoft's IT department gets Windows fixes at the same time you do.

    The diligence to patching has paid off. The last time Microsoft's internal computer systems got nailed by a companywide virus was the Slammer attack in January 2003. Since then, Blaster, MyDoom, and Sasser have been non-events, at least internally.

    If Microsoft's own experience is a guide, it's possible to create a secure, full-featured, global Windows environment on a lower-than-average IT budget. That would suggest Markezich just stepped into one of the easiest of CIO jobs. Or one of the toughest.
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    heh i was lucky to open that site before the deface. after a refresh it looked like Owned by OutLaw Group and after a few minutes site was closed. i saved that web into my comp.
    Owned OutLaw Group by Pharoeste e Wolfblack.htm
    i'm uploading those files into server so if you want you can see it at www.demkat.net/ard/microsoft/
    i hope you like that
    for som\' **** from lithuania

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