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    Some additional beginning tips...

    1. Go to a SANS course. Maybe _SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp_ http://www.sans.org/sansfire2004/description.php?tid=23 or _IT Security Audit Essentials_ http://www.sans.org/sansfire2004/description.php?tid=9. I figured your company (re.; bank) can afford it and they are of very high quality in my opinion.

    2. Learn networking

    That along with the other good tips everyone's offered should get you started.

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    Gotta plug http://www.rfc-editor.org . It's useful to study how things are _supposed_ to work to better understand why a given flaw/divergence can be exploited the way it can.

    Nice list Ms. Mittens.

    -- spurious
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    Originally posted here by jinxy
    Can you name the bank Only i would like to make sure i dont use it, till your upto speed
    I was thinking the same thing, but he is obviously willing to do the leg work to get up to speed so Im sure he'll do fine. good luck.
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