Hello everybody

I've got a big problem regarding windows encryption. Heres the deal-

I have 2 hard drives. One for files, one for the Windows xp operating system and software. Just recently, I formatted the xp pro operating system and installed XP pro with a new XP cd. (XP PRO) I just realized that I don't have access to some of the files on my second hard drive. I have a huge bibliography on that drive, which I need for a research paper.

So my question-

I'm using the same username and password on this new installation. I own this computer, I have full privledges, I am using legit CD's, and I know my passwords. I get the attached error when I try to open the word document. I need to know how to give myself privledges to my own files. I am looking at ways, but they seem to need a certificate from the old XP install, which is now formatted. I know the username, and password of the old accounts, because it's mine. Is there some way I can open this file???

Thanks in advance!

Just tried a boot disc, it maintained the encryption.