I have a small suggestion. It probably won't work but you never know.

I know Knoppix-STD has some password tools. Here's the list from their site

password tools

* john 1.6.34 : John the Ripper password cracker
* allwords2 : CERIAS's 27MB English dictionary
* chntpw : reset passwords on a Windows box (including Administrator)
* cisilia : distributed password cracker
* cmospwd : find local CMOS password
* djohn : distributed John the Ripper
* pwl9x : crack Win9x password files
* rcrack : rainbow crack
You could boot up, mount the hard drive, get the file and crack it. I'm not familiar with some of those tools so I'm not sure if they would work at all.

I hope you get this figured out. It seems like things ALWAYS go wrong right when you've got something important coming up.