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Aah, the everlasting, super-annoying pop-up. We all hate em, but how do we stop them? Well, there are several causes for pop-ups, let's look at that first.
1. Spy/MalWare
2. The website you are visiting
3. Your ISP

Spy/MalWare/Adware Spy and adware are the main reasons for pop-ups. They monitor your actions, and make ads, in email and browsing for you. They are fairly easy to get rid of.

Top THREE Threats: Gator weatherBug bonzi-buddi if you have any of these i suggest reinstalling your OS. Get ad-aware from lavasoftusa.com and SpybotSearch and Destroy from security.kolla.de They are both needed for a malware system. Why reinstall the os? even ad-aware cant get rid opf the traces, besides you should start fresh every year or two anyways.

The website you are visiting. Solutions: Email the administrator of the website and request a ban of pop-ups

OPT-OUT of it, simple, if there is an optout link, click it.

Stop them on your own... Pretty Easy The browser OPERA. Opera.com is great. It's easy to use, and is faster than any other browser, and it has built in pop-up controls. The options are: Block No pop-ups Allow only requested pop-ups (you click a link to open a new window) And Block ALL Pop-ups and if youw ant to you can hold shift to allow pop-ups while you hold it. If you use INTERNET EXPLORER i suggest the FREE version of pop-up-blocker from panicware.com

Your ISP If your internet service provider gives them to you, get a pop-up blocker, and pass a petition, there isnt much you can do.

MESSENGER Service pop-up.s These are annoying, heres how to stop them GOTO CONTROL PANELS (Start>Settings>Control Panels) Goto administrative tools (Control Panels>Administrative tools) Goto services and right click on ALERTER and under properties make startup-disabled. Do the same for messenger. YOU ARE NOW LIBERATED FROM POP-UPS -unit321
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