How to Speed Up Your Computer
1. For faster searching use indexing start>search>search options>indexing service

2. Defragmenting
On your computer many files get moved around on "blocks" of data in order for your hard drive to work faster use the disk defragmenter. goto start>programs>ascessories>systemtools on XP you can set it to automatically defrag

3.Get rid of that damn crap!
Companies like to dump crap onto your comp. Edit your startup options and get rid of stuff you dont need. We reccomend IBS startup editor. Also go under taskmanager under proscesses and get rid of anything suspicious to edit startup stuff in some versions of windows: Start>run>msconfig

4. Flooded with spyware
In order to remove spyware which is constantly updating with its server use AD-Aware and Spybot search and destroy. Some programs may not work.

5.Get a faster browser
Download opera from it is faster than IE6

6. Delete the files!
WINDOWS doesn't delete files it only says they are free space. Download eraser for actual deleting.

7.Compress files
Compress the files that you dont use often or enable compress old files under the properties of your drive.

8. Windows update
use windows update to add patches to your system.

9. Change your resolution
Basic rule: the more stuff your comp has to move the slower if you are a extreme gamer you might want a better resoluion.

Decrease the color bit and resolution for faster performance

11. Cache if you have extra space on your HD increase the HD cache.

12. Tweak away!
get Xteq Systems X-Setup to tweak tour system for optimization!

13.Uninstalling frenzy
uninstall all unnessecary programs using the windows add/remove programs thing.

14. Clean the registry
Use regedit (come with system) to clean out the regristry. If you dont know how don't do it.

this may involve reformatting drives but use NTFS drive systems for faster acess

Make sure your HD's use DMA settings

get the newest direct X 9 for faster perfomance for video stuff as well as do windows update(

18.Defrag cont...
Defrag your swap file and ram
(free ram XP can defrag ram works on more than XP)

19. Lock the windows kernel in RAM
(thats all i can say)

20. Upgrade to USB 2.0
Many comps have usb 1.0 if possible get a 2.0 card.

21. Dont be afraid to splurge
Get extra RAM. or a faster bus or something

22. Acelerate you video excellerator

23.New motherboard
if you have a old computer get a new motherboard.

24. new parts
new ram is always a plus

25. Overclock
Check restrictions then overclock your proscessor. or get a new mobo or something

26.Screw the dial-up
Dialup is slow if you use internet much get a cable or DSL modem.

27. Reinstall
Reinstall windows about once a year for good performance.

28. I-net speed
Change the iming of your i-net packets to increase speed.

29. BIOS Tune up
Tune up your BIOS if you are good at comps. Screwing with your BIOS can screw everything so be careful.

30. Clean up!
Use windows disk cleanup to get rid of extra crap on your syetem

31. More cleaning
open your comp and get a compressed air cartridge to get rid of dust then use a mini vacumm to suck up the dust,

32. Fix the mouse
Open your mose and clean the mouseball and get a better pad

33.clean the keyboard
Get compresses air and blow the hell out of that keyboard

Written by unit321