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    Congrats, well done.
    Interesting to here they removed US law, but kept International Standards plus British Standards.............There again the qualification would not be that usefull outside the US, if it was any other way.
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    congrats, ms mittens..

    damn... i am just begining, someone who is professor still giving exam...would i regret failing :P

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    Hey MsMittens congrats .. !! good job done.
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    I know this thread is older - but I just wanted to ask if those of you who went for you CISSP - did you pay for the books, seminars and testing yourself or was your company willing to pay for it or reimburse you?

    BTW - congrats to all who have made the commitment to pursue the CISSP! It is a major accomplishment.
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    congrats ms mittens im really happy for you :-)

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