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Thread: With class! (RPG fans required)

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    Cool With class! (RPG fans required)

    Hey guys tell me what you thin since I value your opinion greatly:

    (...takes huge gulp of coffee...and....HE'S OFF!)

    I recently bought Morrowind for Xbox which is really cool is like playing an ofline MMORPG but instead of O for Online it's O for Offline but anyways like I said what happens when a game has many character classes is that I get frustrated cuz the only way I can enjoy an RPG is to play like I AM the character, call me geeky, but it's fun. "shew"


    So anyways I'm torn between a Mage, an Assasin or a Crusader/Fighter dude I asked my friends they can't decide either one says Fighter because we both like epic stuff and screaming "FREEDOM!" at random intervals of a LAN party one says assasin because I'm really sneaky and smart and can kick arse in Multiplayer Splinter Cell one says Mage cuz I'm really smart and cuz I like to read books and cuz my favorite character from LOTR is Gandalf and cuz I'm all wise and "Old-Soul"-ish and so....


    .... what do you think? (pheeew) Pick up those prompters and vote now!
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    Making your own character is what Morrowind is all about. Currently I am finishing Bloodmoon (expansion pack for the PC Morrowind) and I have created a fighter / mage. He can use healing and destructive magic well, but also can fight like crazy.

    Personally, the fighter mage combo is my favorite at the moment. Shoot fireballs at them from far away, and then hack them to pieces with your favorite sword when they come close.
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