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    This has indeed become quite the informative thread. Although I didn't start the thread, thanks to everyone for your input!

    I'll be cuttin' & pasting a bunch after I steal his little precioussss.......and toss that bugger into the fire!

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    As a final point on this thread, I think there is an important moral/legal issue here.

    If you want to use your own PC to access hard core porn, that is fine, and do anything you like to clean up afterwards
    However, when you are using a PC that belongs to someone else, who has explicitly asked you not to do anything like that, then that is not acceptable in my view.

    Even worse, when I said dodgy, I meant probably illegal under UK law.

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    legalities,schmegalities lol,jk..one final point well,two actually
    One:index.dat logs only http entries right?does windows have any other 'secret' files that log other types of connections?
    Two:When I opened my index.dat file(it said excel,so I tried that first),it showed most entries as code...my question is...why most entries and not all of them?
    Thanks for all the input guys and weee..I actually asked a sane question

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