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    I still don't get why we're talking about how to steal car's, why, where, etc??

    way try to crack the system if all you have to do is look for a car that is unlocked anyway...... (people are more trusting then they should be these days)
    Yeah, uhmm.. Or don't go around looking to steal car's at all? LOL, sorry if I don't get the joke or something but yeah.
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    When I did the towing/recovery thing, part of it was lockouts. The kit we had was GREAT!
    SlimJims are NOT the way to go at all. MOST cars now days have power locks. so...
    The kit has 2 plastic wedges (door stops) that you tap into the door near the top/roof. This pulls the door just a bit open, and allows a nice long metal rod to be inserted. (rod is about 4 foot long and has a little hook at the end.) the hook can pull the lock button up if it can grip. if not, use the rod to press the unlock button. (its plyable, bend it to fit what you need it to) or if all else fails, hook the keys with the rod, pull them out of the igntion, and wedge the door wider to pass them by.

    Now, I am not a car thief, but at the time was a towing professional. HOWEVER, said kit can be had for the right price. This is similar to the kits we had. Top of the line, expensive... and most tools unused... but a example:

    but the bottom line is 2 plastic wedges and a aluminum/light strength steel rod is really all you need. this kit got me into most cars in under 15 seconds. Like anything in security, in the wrong hands, SCARY.
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    Thinking as I type.

    Good discussion F. Rain. But Onstar does not use GSM in the sense you are thinking. The delivery system is via proprietary means. GSM on a US scale is model architecture. Meaning GSM is very different when you are talking Europe vs. the United States, and then say between companies such as Verizon and Nextel. The signal to unlock a car does not come via typical GSM cellular networks. It may even come via satellite in some cases? So buying a cell phone scanner won’t do squat when using GSM terms they are incorrect. For instance the GSM encryption A5 is not used in modern USA phone networks. In fact Nextel uses the GSM model of architecture but uses iDEN to transmit and encrypt data. There is nothing really GSM about it outside the basic setup. I propose Onstar is the same thing? Very structured outside normal GSM usage.

    I highly doubt you could take a US car and operate Onstar in the UK, unless it has the smarts to switch systems and then switch authentication mechanisms, such as A5. There is something “unique” about the cellular phones installed in Onstar communications devices. From what I can gather, high powered base stations communicate with it, I mean hell, wouldn’t do much good to get locked out on a west Texas highway, 200 miles from an ATT cell site would it? There are other existing communications structures that can do it as well, and Motorola owns them. Coincidence? So knowledge of the transmission apparatus is needed. Like who carries the signal and what it’s made of. For example, is it ATT and GPRS? They seem to keep that pretty tight?

    In fact the transmission medium may not even be important for focus. Why? I use iDEN as an example because one, I helped design infrastructure that uses it so I have some inside info. And 2, GM uses iDEN and the Nextel network for “other” control systems. So why wouldn’t they use it for Onstar???? Just guessing since I never took the time to find out. If that is the case, nothing you can do will break the encryption, the FBI can’t so you will succeed where they have failed and given up. Good luck at breaking one of the most secured networks on the planet. You can’t just hook a scanner up and listen to the “PIN” being passed down.

    Alas, there are known taps into the Onstar system. Using your own modem of course, one can gain access to the telemetry information and completely discover the operating environment of the modem. And guess what? They are made by Motorola, those guys make all the cool **** including iDEN, noted above.

    You steal and Onstar car, better rip out the modem or more appropriate, the

    There are a lot opposed to Onstar. I still say, transmitting your location when an airbag is deployed could save a lot of lives. Kind of makes them the safest cars you can buy, if your into that sort of thing. Problem is, those guys at Onstar will have a lot of information about you. Trade off? Not for me, but I don’t wear a motorcycle helmet anyhoo.
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    Very informative RoadClosed . *learns something new*
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    I'm a big fan of coathangers, anybody else?


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    whats with the slim jim thing? How in the hell is beef jerky going to get you into a car? Just kidding.

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    It's a thin piece of metal that can be used to slide down through a car door window and jimmy the lock. Doesn't work on a lot of new cars. It's very easy to pop a lock of particular design with one. Cops used to carry them around to unlock people stuck at gas stations and stuff.
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    You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
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    So we firewall our cars. There ya go, problem solved!

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    Cars come with a built-in firewall already......

    Between the engine and passenger compartments.....
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