Ok guys, I'm being driven crazy at the moment, so I could really use some input from the folks who know at AO.

We're currently running a LAN here with a DSL connection and all traffic being run through an old Cayman router that's on its last leg. So, we're currently trying to figure out the best means to replace it. In the process, we're considering moving from our SBC DSL to Comcast Cable.

Here's the thing: my boss, who handled all of our IT stuff before I came on, is convinced we do not need another router. He is absolutely certain that we can take a modem, configure it as a bridge, connect it to our SonicWALL, and the SonicWALL will handle everything else we need, therefore no router needed. Now this is new on me. He's got me completely confused as to how this is possible without a router.

Seems to confuse tech support too. This trick has yet to work as we have yet to connect the LAN to the Internet through either DSL or cable modem without the Cayman router. Both SBC and Comcast tech support are talking to me like I'm crazy anytime I describe the situation and ask for help. Nonetheless, he remains absolutely convinced we don't need a router.

So is there some magic to SonicWALL that I just don't know about that allows us to get away without a router, or am I going to have to find a way to convince him that his idea simply won't work?