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First, I would just like to show my amusement that you are working with a program that should help children's grammar, but in your post you made some grammar mistakes. Mostly the use of the word there rather than their, I found it kind of funny. Not saying that I'm an English professor, far from it.
Ok, sure, I'll admit that two out of four "there/their" in my post were misspelled (a mistake many people do) and that it is somewhat ironic concidering the context, but then again, when your French is as good as my English, come back and talk to me about it! (to be taken lightly...)

(In case it wasn't clear, my first language is French... )

About the rest of your post: it would be an intersting option, however my new motto has just changed to "you are phecked.... Thus, place the blame elsewhere." and this is just easier!
Seriously though, if the stakes were higher and I had more free time I might have tried it but I don't think it's worth this much effort (as nobody seems to give a damn)...