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Thread: Sygate or ZoneAlarm

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    Personally i use an old box runniong smoothwall for my firewall, i`ve never been a fan of desktop firewalls.
    I`d say its proberly best to stick to what you know. I`m not saying you shouldn`t try new programs or experiment but its best to do that on a seperate computer. You should just install zone alarm on an old computer and have a little play around. once you feel comfterable with it and if you think its up to the job then put it on your main desktop.
    Anyway thats just my 2 cents.

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    You should just install zone alarm on an old computer and have a little play around. once you feel comfterable with it and if you think its up to the job then put it on your main desktop.
    Good advice homenet. That's how I feel, but he shouldn't do it on his work computer. Maybe an old box or his home computer.
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    Thanks guys,

    What I am planning on doing is setting up a new network (home office about 6 computers) I will be running win 2003 server with a software firewall running on the server machine along with a Watchguard FB1000 (hardware firewall) I feel that this should be adaquet if I keep the security tight with a good configuration. I mean a system can always be hacked but I wanna make it at least a challenge for the l33t hackers.

    - Adiz

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    Long time since I tried Zone Alarm, but at that point I thought it was TOO easy to "configure". Felt like it was made for somebody that never used a firewall before, and thus not giving you full control over it. (may have changed by now?)

    Sygate I think is a very good software firewall, which gives you full control over everything plus it works very nice as a real time monitoring tool over what connections/apps you have running on your computer.

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    over what connections/apps you have running on your computer.
    ZoneAlarm does too, just in a more annoying and less secure manner.
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    Firewalls, interesting that you should be asking. Here's part of a thread I worked up that discusses the firewalls recommended by AO Members.

    Time frame used: 17 Jul 2002 thru 15 May 2004.

    So directly from the AO Members:

    Pix: dominated (had to put it by itself)

    Linksys router (nat) – 4 times
    Sonicwall – 4 times
    Dlink – 2 times
    Netgear (nat) – 2 times
    Watchguard – 2 times
    Fortigate – 1 time
    Netscreen – 1 time
    Raptor – 1 time
    Sidewinder – 1 time


    IPTables - dominated (had to put it by itself) {duh}

    Smoothwall – 11 times
    Coyote – 4 times
    OBSD (default Install) - 4 times
    Astaro – 3 times
    IPCop - 2 times
    Securepoint – 2 times
    Devil Linux – 1 time
    Mandrake – 1 time
    Sentry – 1 time

    Windows Compatibles:
    Zone Alarm (Free & Pro combined) – 44 times *Popularity stayed steady throughout (especially for ZA Pro), however many members tossed ZA for Outpost and/or Sygate.
    Outpost – 40 times *Really favored 2002-2003
    Sygate – 36 times *More recently favored 2003-2004
    Tiny – 25 times *Really popular 2002
    Kerio - 20 times *More popular 2003-2004
    BlackIce - 9 times
    Norton – 8 times
    Checkpoint – 7 times
    McAfee - 5 times
    VisNetic – 4 times
    Bordermanager – 2 times
    ICF (XP) – 2 times
    Look’n’Stop – 2 times
    Symantic – 2 times
    BitGuard – 1 time
    Gnatbox – 1 time
    Kaspersky – 1 time
    OmniQuad –1 time

    For those that may not know: The original team that developed Tiny left the company and started the Kerio Firewall. It was based on the Tiny’s engine but with many improvements. That may help explain the popularity of Tiny in 2002 and then the Kerio popularity in 2003-2004.

    Summary: For Hardware Firewalls – PIX most recommended. For *nix Software Firewalls – IP Tables was most recommended. And for Windows Compatible Software Firewalls – Kerio, Outpost, Sygate, Tiny, and ZA were the most recommended, however Kerio and Sygate were the most popular 2003-2004.


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    I used the free version of ZA for a long time (like 2 years) but it just started to piss me off. I ended up switching to Sygate a couple months ago and it's been working smoothly so far.

    *crosses fingers*


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    I use Kerio Personal Firewall, robust and free. You can download it from Pooh Sun Tzu has also written an excellent article you can find here: as to configuring it.

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    Security software maker Zone Labs updated its desktop firewall on Monday, adding new features that aim to put the kibosh on viruses, the company said.
    Interesting what?

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    Originally posted here by AngelicKnight
    No kidding? I hadn't heard about this. What's the story?
    They tried suing a few companies that did tests on their firewalls. A simple script could crash the thing and it would crash "open", that's not a good thing. ZA contended that they were "reverse-engineering" their code, etc. etc. put a couple of them out of business because of the legal fees.

    ZA also has ahistory of not listening to it's users and their concerns.

    Eh, they might have changed by now..... yeah like M$ has changed.
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