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Thread: HANDz comes CLEANx: Oh, I have seen the light , really(this will make you sick)

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    HANDz comes CLEANx: Oh, I have seen the light , really(this will make you sick)

    This basically is a suicide post.
    I could have shut up and continued my AO-life normally without anyone knowing this, but I need to prove you wrong, in that, I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT.

    {---------this here is what I was gonna reply to this threadHow Can I Be Anonymous?
    {I didn't ask anyone to believe my watchword, no, I stated what I think AO is about-> {COGNITION.
    {Then again what was I cerebrating, of openly addressing everyone here with the word {HACKER( even though I still feel the same), I should have known that you would see it amiss.
    {Just by the envisage of someone giving out the term hacker so freely it would seem like {epithet.

    My reply to this:
    *thinks about getting a poll entitled "How long do you think HANDzCLEANx will stay on the forum with his oh-I've-now-seen-the-light-type attitude"*
    Is my life-story:
    Oh, I have seen the light , really.

    Look, swell, I was programming for a while before "node security" interested me.
    At that time I was a WAREZ-master(believe me on this if you desire), downloading tons of games, knowing wich site has the goods, and wich dont, where to vote, where not to vote.
    Then someday I was watching CNN and observed a report about "hackers"(wich by they meant crackers), it was all about *-hatz , I was amazed(just like the common Skiddy).
    I went on an ascertaining mission to find out how to hack via yahoo, and found AO amongst others.
    The 1st time I saw the name "Anti-Online" made me think that this place would make me a supreme "hacker"(at that time I thought it implied cracker), but I needed an e-mail account ,seperate from the one I had(to keep my details secret incase the CIA found this site ), but I didnt't have the patience(needed to start "hacking" right away) to get a new account, so it had to wait.
    At even time with my search I found SUB7 legends, and the same night I was on an IRC stalking people.
    I was getting deep into it, I re-invented wheel(in terms of tricks to get ppl to download SUB7 server) everytime that I was on the net.
    I was so deep into SUB7 that I wrote a cluster load of programs for this whooping game, programs to find patterns in the target, to search-and-destroy data, grapghs to keep my record of hits per surf,etc.
    I was ascertained that I was the best "hacker" in the world(or atleast in South Africa).

    On my hunt to find more, I searched Yahoo again and again found AO, since I was lusting for "supreme hackeracy", I decided AO is the place( with such a freaky name no one could argue).

    I was DOLT-HEADED and at fisrt didn't bother to enter any of the threads, no, I went on a search for more tools(script-kiddy tools that is), and all my search for tools only ended up in a bunch of trojan-servers being installon my PC(wich was a common thing to me at that time).
    Eventually, I quickly checked out some of the threads, nah.....bbbbbbooooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggggg........

    My search on Yahoo continued, I found a site with a "HACKERS TESTAMONY".........COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL........that gave me an idea......
    I would just remove this "idiot's" name(no offense theMentor ), and replace it with my name....... there perfect, now I can make a great introduction for myself(My pathetic introduction ).

    So, I posted it and a bunch of other CRAP(and lies) just to IMPRESS everyone(there you go theSpecialist ), and got banned. Little did I know that that was my turning point, that it was my time when " I saw the light".

    I was really shocked, I didn't understand why nobody felt like I did, that is, to be able to break into any possible system and claim supreme "crackerdom . My short previous-life here at AO taught me what are hacker-ETHICs, it taught me what is the difference Hacker and ScriptKiddy.

    Since I was banned, I never ever tried/searched anything to do with hacking. Because I realised I was no better than a SKid...............I then was so PIST OFF at AO that I must have surely, subconsciously, sweared that I would never com back to this "damned" site.

    In my fav, I had bunch of links that I got here,before I was banned. I spent months accumulating knowledge through these links and their links and their links.......Learning HTML,JAVASCRIIPT,PERL/CGI,API. Then, suddenly, there was no more to read from all these links. I tried yahoo for "free e-books" but was not in any luck.....I got those links from AO, so AO must have more( at that time i didn't think that there are other forums on the net).
    So I came back, for help/links for API................Now I'm busy with MPASM for microcontollers....

    As time went by, I realised that I was not, even in the least bit, interested in any "security threads", the posts that I have posted on security forums are there because those threads
    were on the main page, and I dont read the "fine" detail below the thread headings.

    Back then I was a liar and a cheat.
    But now I speak whatever I feel I must, and I must have you believe me.

    To me, the term "hacker , is not relevant to breaking/defending anything(not networks, nothing), the term "hacker" is just a TERM to describe someone.
    "Hacker" is relavent to knowledge.
    I would call someone a "hacker" if he has a love for knowledge related to computers- THAT ALL, nothing more nothing less.
    I call AO the "hacker-playground" because everyone here is always asking questions, be it simple , be it sophisticated, they are questions.
    Even if some dont want to share, they too are searching for more knowledge, just like the rest of us here, thus, they too are hackers in my view.

    I will prob get banned, but I learned another great lesson: Everyone wants the crown jewel of knowledge, kind souls are willing to share, the rest will try to gaurd it well,thus keeping the standards high. Everyone wants to tell themselfs,in their heart, that they are the best, so, never ever provoke them by using words that might wrongly imply supremecy, like "Hacker", to one self or any other.

    MY PREVIOUS PROFILE( defintite suicide)

    So thats my story.
    Judge me any way you wish, because, now you have a clear view of who and what I am........
    (and I have a clear view of where I'm going)
    Beware, you who seek first and final principles, for you are
    trampling the garden of an angry God and he awaits you just beyond the last theorem.

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    .. and I must have you believe me.
    Why is it so important for us to believe you? Isn't it more critical for you to believe yourself? What we see is clouded by our own experiences, judgements and prejudices. It doesn't change one iota of your being.
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    I believe that you are going through that period of self realisation called "growing up" in the old days. You would not believe the number of times I have heard the expression "oh, he'll grow out of it" in the past.

    You then have a choice of joining society, with all its faults, or becoming a permanent late entrant in the Human Race.

    I believe that there are quite a few on this site who have "hacked", will "hack" and shall "hack". It is just that we call it "cutting corners", "getting the job done" or "a zero budget solution". What I am saying is we do it for money, and because it is our job to do it, even though we may personally consider it to be "technically inelegant" or even "unprofessional". We are trusted only to do it when neccessary. That is why we have the administrator password and physical access to the kit?

    I realise that there is a lot of subculture glamour and media hype regarding the current use of the word in uninformed circles (journalists) but I would refer you to a description I once heard of someone:

    "All black and white, no grey matter in betweeen"

    I would say: be yourself and ignore the herd of skiddies and the like.

    Good luck

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    Well here's my take on this whole thing,

    "Like Sands Through the Hour Glass so are the Days of Our Lives".

    Ok, the movie is over, now drop the Soap Opera stuff and start producing some tutorials, threads, post, and help some folks with questions/problems. Based on what you have said, you should have a lot of talent. Review the Tenets of AO and put your skills to use where they can best serve in a constructive manner. People are always asking about being "owned, how did it happen, and the like". Sounds like that's right up your alley.

    Your sincerity will be manifested by your actions. There is a delete option you can utilize on those less than desireable posts you made. That would be a good place to start as well.

    If you are true ^5 to you.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    im gonan read this now and edit this post if i ahve to say something buw...

    you could've put that energy of typing that thread into something usefull and made a tut or something...

    now im gonna go read it and see if i was wrong ....

    ok i was wrong ...

    that was a good story, and i do see you got talent..im gonan wait for some of your newer posts, i think u'll do great here, now that you know what we are and what you are....good story...good man behind the story, i just hope u aint trying to make fools of us and that was all a lie....you can never trust anyone online, whetever they say ..

    cya around AO....

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    A few points to bring up:

    #1...whatever happened to not assigning APs in cosmos?
    #2....is this another lame ass explanation on how to get more aps because we feel sorry?
    #3....Touching story....*CRY me a *****ing river*
    #4....Your last post was lame...it was just stupid, out of contex and it was just to boast your ego as a "TRUE HACKER".
    #5....you say you have spent a lot of time reading ebooks and yahoo....but you clearly haven't understood **** from what you've read...and you've missed the most important lessons.
    #6....I'm surprised you never consulted "www.google.com" for any of your information source....all you mention is yahoo.

    Pathetic...simply pathetic. Get over it...stop crying about it and just ****in learn for god's sake.

    Let me rephrase something for you....once again....AO is not your little playground...some of us dedicate quite some time here to help others....and trust me...you're not even close to being a hacker. You gave that away when you went on and like a moron declared yourself a "TRUE HACKER"...>ROFL!

    My 2 Cents

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    The question that i'm asking is.
    Why were Ap's given to him in the first place.
    [i]I thought that Ap's weren't meant to be given out in this section of AO.
    Could you all do me one huge favour and stop giving out antipoints in Cosmos? Thanks!

    Many people don't agree with people getting negged for just stating their opinion. Many people don't agree with people getting heaps of antipoints for non-security related posts.

    The original idea of Cosmos was to make it a private (invite-only) forum, but that has never been implemented. I myself don't like the idea of having it that way, but keep on negging and giving out positives, and one day you'll find Cosmos to be invite-only.

    Let's grow up, keep on the same discussions we've always had on Cosmos... but without the antipoints.

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    Why were Ap's given to him in the first place.
    [i]I thought that Ap's weren't meant to be given out in this section of AO.
    Just because something is asked, doesn't mean that people will do it. I've asked that people not put non-related posts in the Security forums. And some of the worst offenders are Addicts. *shrug*

    It happens.
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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    you could've put that energy of typing that thread into something usefull and made a tut or something...
    Yeah, honestly. I mean, I can't say I'm going to put emotion into what you typed and feel sympathy for you because is that what you want? Do you want me to feel sorry and green you like apparently some member's felt the need to? I barely understood your post and I'm sad that I even read this thread cuz it wasted my time.

    Why were Ap's given to him in the first place.
    Who the hell know's. I didn't green him, but obviously someone felt the need to green him. Oh, wait? Did he help someone out on a security-related problem? No. Did he answer a question? No. Did it prove he know's **** about security? No. All it prove's is that he can sucker people outta greening him for sympathy.

    *CRY me a *****ing river*
    Haha, Cybr1d you funny basterd

    You gave that away when you went on and like a moron declared yourself a "TRUE HACKER"
    Haha, really? I didn't know he did that. Wow, your really 1337 dude. If ya ever wanna hax0r my b0x, I'll PM ya my AIM s/n or even my IP Address and I'd love to see you try.
    Space For Rent.. =]

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