233mhz with 64mb ram and a 2gb hard drive
I believe the 233 uses 72-pin SIMM Memory Sticks and the price used to be $1.00 per MB and I would imagine it might be close to that now. However shop around on www.google.com and you should be able to find it cheaper than that. Additionally you need to check your main board book to see how much you can add and how many slots you have etc. It is simple to install, but remember "static electricity" can ruin your whole day and components inside your computer. I shutdown the computer, unplug it from the wall, open the side cover, and use my grounding wrist band to take care of the static electricity, but you may not have one of them, so make sure you touch the actual chasis of you box, before every touching anything else. If I'm not using a strap, I leave some part of my bare skin touching the frame. Anyway your book will give you a pretty straight forward guide to installing the memory.