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Thread: Microsoft Error Reporting: Spying?

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    Heh, I voted not at all, just for kicks

    But I actually do trust MS pretty well. If I didn't, why would I use MS Windows, MS Office, and MS Visual Studio?

    I really wouldn't worry about it. It's just an error report, and they probably get so many each and every day that they won't bother to look at it twice.

    But remember... Just because you're paraniod doesn't mean they're not out to get you


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    I would think that Microsoft are to busy looking to where there next million is coming from to spy on individual users.

    But i bet that some were in the reporting, there is a view of what you have been upto. For market research or the like.
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    Well if all we had to worry about was MS phoning home with some usage info...then...hey wait a minute they do do that...

    Anyway, as I was going to say before I interupted myself, if that's all we had to worry about, I'd give em my home phone number as well. Hell, Bill give me a call! Let's do lunch, you buy...lol

    So, no I don't believe he has to spy on us with anything more that isn't already in use. It's no secret how much info your browser alone provides. Shoot, they probably already have a huge file on all MS users anyway. Dang I must be in there alot!

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