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Thread: Red Hat Linux upgrade bug hides Windows

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    Red Hat Linux upgrade bug hides Windows

    I had come across this and I am sure there are some users here that are using Fedora
    Link to the story http://news.com.com/Red+Hat+Linux+up...l?tag=nefd.top
    And here is the link to fix it http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedor.../msg00908.html

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    I must have been lucky then, because I've used RH9/FC1/FC2 lots of times on different machines and with 2000/XP dual booting and never had a problem.
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    Same here, havent ran into that problem.
    the only problem that i've ever had is the Linux Boot disc screw up, but that's just about all the problems i've ever had really..

    thanks for the link though DeadAddict..

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