I don't see many websites hosting it without fear of MS shutting them down.
I am sure you are quite right, also it is a very large download by all accounts, particularly over 56.6 dial-up.

I would have thought it more likely that the counterfeiters would either produce new versions that include SP2 and don't use one of the twenty identified codes, or just sell SP2 with the code checking disabled?


Yes it is a problem, and I was referring to our mimimum wage, I think that the average is around $610.

The obvious solution is to sell at different prices in different markets, but as soon as you do that you create the "grey importer" Who will buy in a country where the price is low and sell below the market rate in countries where prices are much higher. It is not actually illegal here.

I have purchased software from the USA at a half of what I would pay locally, even with shipping and import taxes. Downloads are much better..........."only available in the USA and Canada".........well there IS a London in Ontario, Canada isn't there

I have no sympathy for greedy local distributors. Microsoft is big enough to have many outlets, so the price is controlled by competition, inthe local market. It is when you have "sole distributors" that you see the rip-offs.

I, personally do not use pirate software. But I think that everyone has the right to buy legitimate products at the lowest possible price.