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Thread: Login expires

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    Login expires

    I've posted about me logging in as a different user and that was due to the cache in my ISP's server.What's happening now is that sometimes when I login and click on the AO bit in AO>Forum etc I get a page that was older(meaning that an older page I've accessed before loads) and I have to login again..now,this seems to be happening only with AO so is this some kind of bug or something wrong with my ISP's cache again?

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    Have you tried clearing the cache of Internet Explorer .......(remove the temp Files).......See if it helps with the older verson of the page being displayed......

    One reason Might be That your Browser might be working working off-Line....See if the Work-Offline Option in the File Menu is checked or not at that time....or it's not looking for the newer verson of the page and is just displaying the page stored in the cache.......

    One Solution for this might be to tell your Browser to look for the newer Verson of the page every time

    Select "Tools" ---> "Internet Options", and click the "Settings button". In the Section "Check for newer versions of stored pages", select "Every visit to the page" Click ok.....

    See if it solves the Problem.....

    Do you have anyothere browser except IE......See if the same problem occures on other browsers..or is it specific to Internet Explorer...

    --Good Luck--

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    Yes,my temp files clear every shut down so that's not a problem

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    Have you tried going to the A.O site options and see if Browse board with cookies is selected to yes and automatically login when you return to the site.

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