Inspired by mathgirl's post, I'm going to make a brief post on what should be posted here. As I see her point that it shouldn't be just post's with link's, here's what it should/shouldn't be:

What A Tip Should Be

A tip should be something (about a paragraph long, or atleast long enough to explain it) that could help another user in any certain field, be it Networking, Programming, Security, Hardware, Software, etc. An example would be the following:

When working with Window's File system's and on your home network, you should turn off netBIOS (network basic input/output system) as it leaves a risk onto your computer. Hacker's can use this method to gain access to the files on your computer.

What A Tip Shouldn't Be

A tip shouldn't be (as mathgirl implied) merely a post with a link as any user can google information. It also shouldn't be something of the malicious nature or of any nature that doesn't have anything to do with Information Security. For instance:

Yeah check out my k00l warez collection of hax0r tools at

What A Trick Should Be

A trick can be something like a qwerk or a "cool feature" in something that people might not know about. A trick could also be an Easter Egg (something the programmers of a system, typically Microsoft, programmed into the code of something for a little added twerk). Trick's could be anything that could add a little "pizz-azz" and flavor to anything tech related, such as:

Instead of using html code, why not use dhtml code? Or even php? Java? Well, then here's some information for ya and some cool little code tidbit's..... (insert tidbit's here).

What A Trick Shouldn't Be

A Trick shouldn't be a link (as said above) and it shouldn't be a link to a website that has malware/adware/etc or any corrupt javascript components on it. A trick shouldn't be "Gotcha!" either.

Anyways, that was a brief explanation of what you should and shouldn't post in this forum. Hopefully the mod's will make this a sticky that way everyone can read what to post and what not to post. I just wanted to make this a short and brief explanation for those new to the site or forum. Good day!