Punk Buster requires local admin?
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Thread: Punk Buster requires local admin?

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    Question Punk Buster requires local admin?

    I've just been playing BF:V and an getting kicked because the new version apparantly requires the game to be run under the administrator account. It needs at least these privelages.
    Debug Programs
    Load and unload device drivers
    Manage auditing and security log
    Modify Firmware environment values
    Profile Single Process

    Now I'm slightly worried about doing this just to play some games. surely this is a bad move to have 500k gamers all making their accounts a local admin? So what do you guys think the main security implications of this are?

    link to faq: http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=faq-bfv.php

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    It sounds kinda like VAC. (anti-cheat) steam uses that for counter strike/condition zero among others.

    They must scan your game files.

    I`m sure there is nothing to be worried about.

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    Yeah nothing to really worry about.

    I run it, along with 40 other people I know and we never have problems. As Atticus said, all it does is check your files against the original files to make sure there are no modifications (cheats)

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    Yeah I read about this also, There is a fix for allowing normal users to run BFV without having admin rights here
    However it involves giving more access to the user......

    How can we expect people to do in windows what linux users have said/done for years which is run has a unprivledged account and only use admin to install apps if programs insist on being run as administrator, granted there are fix's for this, but most people I know would just run the game has admin rather than mess about applying fix's etc

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    Don't login as local admin, just do a runas for the game...or betteryet for this ap. that would give the ap administrator privlages without unduly compromiseing your box. Better yet give it modified privlages that give it jsut the acess it needs to just the files/folders/registry keys it needs. you can do this with local security policies
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    yea, I don't mind PB scanning my memory or files for cheats but it was the fact that you had to put your user in as an administrator group to play.
    I agree with you cheesegod, as a solaris\linux admin I've always worked using su and I thought the days of local admin on windows was over when they added runas in 2k.

    Oh well, looks like the only way is to add those local security policies.

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    Yep. I've been a happy fbsd user for many years. Because of that I'm used to logon using a 'normal' user account and only use su when needed.

    Unfortunately on my windows box alot of software (especially games!) just don't work properly if you run it on a non-administrator account. Complaining to the manufacturer of the software is probably a good idea. If everybody does that they might be inclined to fix it in their next product or update.
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