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    However, when you are creating users you can simply turn-off their SU priviledges (at least in Mandrake 10 expert mode) so it is no a security worry you can simply turn off the su privledges and not worry about an "su" command from a user to the root.

    - Adiz

    P.S. - I am sure everyone knows ^ but I thought I would say it.
    Ultimately everyone will have their own opinion--this is mine.

    OOOUUUUCH! <throaty sound> That ain\'t cool baby.</throaty sound> (right before this I had made fun of the \'girl\' and she took it out on my balls... Luckily later on they were \"taken care of.\"

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    let's admit it, they have a GUI interface and coding ability that every other OS is striving for
    I dunno about that one... I mean everyone seems to be looking for the same "look and feel" as Windows environments, if only for the reason that it makes native Windows-users more liable to make the transition. As far as the actual code...I would venture to say a vast majority is bloat.

    I do have to hand it to the programmers...if you look throught the source code, they comment their code VERY well. They have anywhere from 2 paragraphs to a page for a FUNCTION. Just one. I can barely stand to annotate what my programs DO, let alone describe each funtion or variable...
    I\'m back.

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