I've got a plan for what to do with myself in the coming months, but i'm looking for any suggestions which will help me with what I'm intending to do
I will have a BS in computer information systems next week
Once i get out of school i'm going to study and test for java certification, i intend to buy a book and study, take the pratice tests and then go test when i feel comfortable prob. within the month (i've already had a 15 week class in Java but i need to study the language more) does anyone have any suggestions on what to study following the java or any advice for preparing to test?
I would like to work as a consultant, but understand that i most likely will have to work up to that, so i'd like to work with the whole development process writing applications, online systems, ect.. Currently, i'm searching mostly with web programmer positions.
Other certs i'm thinking about and have already studied:
a security related cert
Oracle or db related