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Thread: Preferable P2P language?

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    Preferable P2P language?

    I was just wodnering if anybody can recomend which programming language to use for a P2P program. I was thinking C or C++, but I do not know for sure.

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    you need to learn the basics before you develop a program. There have been many topics on what programming language might be good for a certain project. The bottom line is what you want to accomplish, what platform(s) you want to target and your level of expertise.

    C, C++ will work just fine if you know how to use it, but there are others that will work just as well. JAVA, PERL, Delphi, Pascal, GTK, etc, etc. I would look into what has been made already and see what you can do to make a p2p program of your own. Just make sure the language has sockets support which most do.

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    I would say java because it will run on all platforms that have a java interperter
    Before you start coding i'd suggest studying the design of past p2p applications and internet applications in general
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