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Thread: Ip Spoofer?

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    Ip Spoofer?

    Ok heres my problem. Sometimes im playing a game called Diablo 2 LOD and i tend to sign off or on too fast and end up getting an temporary ip ban. I know its an IP ban and not cdkey or account ban because i have been able to sign back on from a diffrent computer at a neighbors house. Anyways, after about 20 mins the IP is unbanned but i would like to know how to counter it because thats 20 mins of my time and sometimes people are waiting on me.

    Now, i know you can use a proxy to spoof your ip but other then in IE6 i don't know how to use a proxy to spoof my ip in general(meaning if i were to connect to anything my true ip wouldn't show up) and i am behind a router so both of my computers use the same "internet ip" only differ in ips read by the router (ex. first computer is or sometin the next one has a end value of 101) so both of my computers get banned when this happens. I know its kinda dumb but i wanted to know how to do this anyways so anyone that can help i would appreciate it. I just need a link or a program or somethin, i can probably figure it out. Thanks.

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    No can do. Games are a totally different breed when it comes to proxying. None of the games I've seen can be proxied.

    I think your only option is not to sign off and on too fast
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    Don't think that IP spoofing is going to help you here. You won't be able to get the responses... the return data will be going to the spoofed address and you still won't be able to connect. If you did use a proxy and it did know where to go... it'd be horribly slow unless the proxy was your own.

    You can either:

    1.) Don't sign off and on again too fast.
    2.) Wait the 20 minutes to reconnect.
    3.) Renew your IP address if you are assigned dynamically (most broadband customers are).

    To find out if you are dynamic...

    go to http://www.whatismyip.com

    mark down your IP address

    reset your internet connection (router and modem) power it off for at least 30 seconds so it'll relesase your IP

    go to http://www.whatismyip.com

    see if the number changed

    if the number changed... there is the solution to your problem.

    If the number did not change.. refer to numbers 1 and 2 up top... or call your ISP and request a dynamic IP address instead of a static address.

    Most broadband providers will be willing to give you the dynamic address. They want to recycle as many unused addresses as possible and static addresses doesn't help them do that. In fact... I just signed up someone with a business account from comcast and they WOULDN'T give me a static address. I had to use a dynamic dns service so they could find their network for access via VPN.
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    I play diablo 2 and i get that all the time what i do is turn off my computer pull the power cord out and when i reboot it i can get back in but it is a hassle to do but it works for me

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