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Thread: can't get wireless card (intel2100) to work with RH9

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    can't get wireless card (intel2100) to work with RH9

    i've followed the advise given in this howto, so i'll explain what i've done so far:

    * first i've installed the correct driver with the ndiswrapper
    * i've loaded ndiswrapper with "modprobe ndiswrapper"
    * now i've set the right ESSID, network key, and mode with iwconfig:
    - iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed
    - iwconfig wlan0 key restricted <wep key>
    - iwconfig wlan0 ESSID <my essid>
    * now i fired up the device: ifconfig wlan0 up

    all this worked fine, cause when i type ifconfig i can see my routers MAC, and i see the speed at 11mbit/s.

    now for the howto that was advised:

    * i've started network-config and added a new device
    * selected wireless device and selected eth7 with a 3com driver
    * gave my ESSID, wep key, channelnumber, mode, dhcp enabled etc.etc
    * and completed the wizard.

    now i've looked for the file "ifcfg-eth7" in various directories (/etc/sysconfig/networking/ ; /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/devices/ ; etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/profiles/default ) and renamed this file to "ifcfg-wlan0" and changed the content of every file until they match my settings.

    now when i start up network-config again, i see that the device eth7, is now called wlan0, but when i fire it up, i get an error.
    after some checking i saw that the hardwaretab still thinks it is device eth7 and for the driver still 3com is selected.

    so i think here is the problem, but i can't change the driver or hardware device, how should i solve this?

    if i forgot something else, please let me know, cause it's been almost 2 weeks now and still haven't got the thing to work!!

    b.t.w. also did a complete reinstall before the above actions last night again, so it is a completely fresh system..

    any help is highly appreciated

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    I have been searching around for you a bit and I have found a few things that might be of intrest or help you:


    try using this driver instead of the 3com one. I am very new to Linux but I hope I have been of some help to you.

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    i don't think this will work since i need the ndiswrapper as far as i know, but suppose it would work with this card, then i still wouldn't been able to select the driver in the redhat-network-config wizard. so i'm gonna try it when i'm home, perhaps i'm mistaken, and i'll let you know if it works!

    thanks for the help anyway

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