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Thread: telnet function?

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    telnet function?

    hey i was just wondering if i could put a mud on my web site or if there are any java things or what ever i might need to put it in there if possible.


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    What ? Please explain further what you wanna do exactly, what java things ? Why telnet as the title...

    hey i was just wondering if i could put a mud on my web site
    What the &$@* is a mud ?

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    I believe that Cup O' Mud is what you are looking for.

    MemorY: mud stands for Multi-User Dungeon. They were quite popular back when BBSes were popular. You could get people playing simultaneously using different connections. MUDs were the text-based precursors to every multiplayer online game you see today.
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    MUD == Multi User Dungeon. It's a (IMO) stupid kind of MMORPG. They tend to be played via telnet since they are usually text only. Why you'd need Java stuff for that is beyond me though. Are you trying to make a Java MUD client? That's kinda stupid since every OS has a telnet client, so why'd anyone need a Java client?

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    What will the mud be written in? do you have an applet?
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    im try ing to put a page on my website to play the mud and i was trying to imbed the mud in the page in stead of going through telnet

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    It may be easier to just use telnet??
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    yes it would but i want the mud on my site i dont care if ihave to put in a separert window but i dont like linking to telnet

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