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Thread: Monitor Defect

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    Monitor Defect

    Well i was playing UT2004 online and all at once my screen turned dull and its kinda messed up with lines and color clones (less visible copy horizontally), anyways its all messed up and i dun know what i should do...i think there are 2 options only?
    1. pay service to repair
    2. buy a new one

    Its about 2 1/2 years old from compaq, raion said his monitor burned out at abaout same time...
    btw: can u plz tell me if this looks normal to u guys so i know its my monitor for sure? Raion told me already but im just double checking

    look closely onto the black spots and horizontally from them, are the sides darker?

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    Why would u take a screen shot if the monitor broken, u should take a picture of the monitor. The screenshot looks just fine. And please. Blur out peoples screen names on ur buddy list, maybe people dont want the whole AO community to know their screen names.

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    hi scriptkiddie18,
    I suggest you go to local hardware repair centre n ask them the charges for the repairs of your monitor then compare the charges with new monitor. ( i think better buy a new because new monitors come with better functions also with inbulit antiglare screen n all that sort of things. But please check it for yourself what is best for you repair or brand new monitor!! )
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    here is something so u know what im talking about, not too good cause i took it with my digital camara but it does show up...

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    looks like a standard CRT montior from the photo... yes? That being the case it looks like either the phosphor on the screen is burning out or the electron gun is fuct. I'm thinking an expensive repair in either case - may be worth checking out how much a repair would be but it's probably better to get a new monitor.


    PS judging from your photo - yes the sides do look a bit darker. I think either of the above suggestions would do that though.
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    Can you degauss it? or leave it for 24 hours after putting your finger on the screen and grabbing a radiator, or grounding yourself some other way?

    Could be on the way out.............but can you borrow another monitor or take your monitor to another computer to test it?


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