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Thread: find out ip address for each port in switch

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    find out ip address for each port in switch

    let say i have a cisco switch 100 Mbps 24 port...
    each port has a cable that connect to pc (user)

    what i want to know is the ip address of computer through the switch port....is that possible....

    any techniques or tools that i can use....

    i heard about fluke before...but it quite expensive ...and i prefer to something that doesn't need to pay ....in the other words, free of charge...


    anyone here???

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    Try Ettercap. Use a simple arp broadcast to find out the IPs.

    Thread moved to GCC since this really isn't a security question.
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    I have a 24 port switch, on my netowrk, and If I need to find out IP's something as simple as Ms.Mittens suggestion works wonder, or if you want vulnerabilities along with IP's, I use Languard from GFI soft.

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