Thanks for your kind words moxnix!

With HTregs resorting to insults in both the posts and in AIM, rather than discussing without trying low tactics such as namecalling, I'm done with this thread.

I don't care what goes on beyond here, and will not reply. Because once someone has decided to take things on a personal level just to attempt an advantage in a conversation, the discussion is worthless and reminds me of the entire "nu uh, you're stupid!" way we all used to fight in middle school.

Just so there is no confusion or side rally cheering: Does this mean I suddenly agree with Htregs? No. Does this mean I'm tossing in the towel? Yes. Am I tossing it in because I feel Htregs is right about the cli being more powerful than the OS itself? No. I still feel that in the proper admin hands, they are both just as powerful as one another.