Here we go again, better switch to opera, mozilla and the likes people !!

Two vulnerabilities have been reported in Internet Explorer, which in combination with other known issues can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user's system.

1) A variant of the "Location:" local resource access vulnerability can be exploited via a specially crafted URL in the "Location:" HTTP header to open local files.

"Location: URL:ms-its:C:\WINDOWS\Help\iexplore.chm::/iegetsrt.htm"

2) A cross-zone scripting error can be exploited to execute files in the "Local Machine" security zone.

Secunia has confirmed the vulnerabilities in a fully patched system with Internet Explorer 6.0.

The vulnerabilities are actively being exploited in the wild to install adware on users' systems, security researchers warn. Other exploits - include computer viruses - based on the same techniques of tricking users into visiting a maliciously constructed website housing malign script could follow.

Etienne Greeff, director at MIS Corporate Defence Solutions, said: "This is a very sophisticated exploit using encryption and stealth technologies to deliver its payload, using previously unknown vulnerabilities to work."

Windows users should disable Active Scripting support for all but trusted websites until Microsoft releases patches to address the vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities were publicised by a Dutch 'white hat hacker' called Jelmer, who came across an example of an exploit of the flaws already in circulation last weekend.

In related news, there have been proven cases of misuse of some webmail systems in combination with this exploit, atleast two dutch ISP's.
(link is dutch)

that Jelmer guy sure is a showoff !! (<-- proof of concept exploit)