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Thread: Lan party at the house

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    Cool Lan party at the house

    Me and my friends decided to have a lan party, so I bought a router. We gathered up a bunch of comps and most of them work but one system running windows me would not recognize the internet. I thought that it may have a bad ethernet card so I replaced it but it still wouldn't work. If you have any ideas i would be very appreciative.

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    did you enable dhcp on the router and on windows? what kind of windows version is it?
    give us some more info please, like brand of router, how it is configured, and how your windows is configured.

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    Are you talking about one of those high speed internet sharing devices like a http://www.linksys.com/products/prod...id=23&prid=433

    Did you try to plug that computer into another port on the router? (maybe it was plugged into the DMZ) Could the machine see other machines on the network?
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    Three thing could go bad

    1) Ethernet card (You check)
    2) Eternet Cable
    3) Router Connection

    Check 2 and 3 and tell us about it.
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    Thanks for responding the router is a linksys router. Standard 4 port switch. I have not configured the router at all and i don't know how to. The operating system of the computer that isn't working is window me. I have tryed different ports and different cables. I actually tryed to plug it straight from my cable modem but it still didn't work. Thanks for the help

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    then check the network connection to see if you got all settings right, that means dhcp etc, on your windows system.
    try ¨ipconfig /all"and check if you got an ip-adress.

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    How did you configure the other computers? Plug them in and go? or did you set up IP's?

    Try assigning a static IP to the ME computer, and putting the DNS server IP's in there. SHould work.

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    If all the other boxs are ok, it must be a fault with the ME box,

    Youve replaced the NIC so it cant be that, does the router recognize the MAC for the Me box?

    As you have said you have tried different cables etc, do you have another Me box that is on your LAN? If so compare all the network settings and make sure they are all the same

    Maybe upgrade from ME if you can!

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