Top 10 things to do in computers electronics or Tech
10. Taking out monitor capacitors and exploding them (do not sniff the gas for high, do not sniff the gas for a high, sniff sniff, whoa, what I am talking about again?)
9. Taking mouse balls and throwing them at the wierd freaky drama kids
8. Turning the monitor into a strobe light for highschool dances
7. Taking old printers and attaching saws and drills to them and having their movement powered by the gears in vcrs to make your own weapons of mass destruction and pinning them against other peoples creations
6. Playing gorilla or nibbles on in Qbasic or the commodore computers while the teacher is out.
5. Throwing the breaker switches for room 202 *aka, the freaky drama kids class
4. Throwing the breaker switches for Aud. *aka, the freaky drama kids stage where they do poor preformances and plays
3. Taking all the LEDs out of a computer and taking a microphone turning it into a color organ
2. Creating your own aracade machine or NES system by hooking up the controls through the keyboard and playing guantlet for your final assessment
Student: I am just stress testing my project
Teacher: Oh, carry one
Student: eheheh dumb@ss
1. Making a turing or basic program with screen shot of the windows log in with a form that is in fullscreen and takes the system's adminstrator's password saves it to the public drive, log on anynomously, get johny's user name and password, and copy all of johnys drafting drawing into your directory