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Thread: Just got Linux lots of questions

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    Just got Linux lots of questions

    I just installed Linux on this computer. It was running really poor with windows me and had lots of problems and linux was the only OS i had around the house. I put an extra stick of memory into the computer and i was wondering how i make the computer recongize it. I am also having problems installing programs with it. I am probably just retarded but if i could get some help that would be great. Thanks

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    Can you see your new ram in your bios. If not you may just have to put the bigger sized ram in the first ram slot. But the main thing we need to know is if it is recognized in the bios.
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    What distribution of linux is it? The way you install software is different between different flavors. (unless you compile from source - then it's pretty much the same.)

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    The computer should have automatically picked up on the RAM being installed. Well, wait what type of RAM is it? SDRAM, DDR, or older? It may have to be installed in pairs. What flavor of linux are you using? They all have an assortment of tools to install packages ( or so I've been reading!). Slackware uses "installpkg" which seems really easy to use. RedHat uses RPM and with it if you are in X all you have to do is click on the package and it will bring up a front end for RPM. I don't really know much about other distrobutions yet . If all else fails do a Google search on your specific distro and find out what it uses to distribute binary packages with and then man the command for it. I hope I have been of some assistance even though I am new to Linux.

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    Your computer should recognise the ram automatically.

    Its not like adding a PCI card, where you need to install deivers etc!

    As has been said take a peep at your BIOS and see what it says.
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