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Thread: task tray

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    task tray

    I know this sound stupid but I have 15 icons in my task tray how do remove them so they dont slow me down when I start up the computer. I have win 2k.

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    For most you can right click on the icons and chose Exit, or Close. However, make sure you are not closing down things you actually -need- (like a firewall or antivirus).

    Depending upon your version of Windows, you can also:

    Start > Run.. > msconfig

    And use the tab on the far topright called Startup to stop certain things from automagically loading on your computer. If you do not know what some of the items listed there do, either google them or post here for help and we can google for you.

    Many third party programs exist, but for now msconfig will do what you need without hassel

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    You might like to try WinPatrol?


    It is a useful tool that allows you to control your start up items easily, and you can just "suspend" them rather than permanently remove them, so you can see what effect it has.

    The tool also has a number of other useful features.

    Good luck

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    If your using the msconfig mehtod, the way I usually do it is to start your computer up in safe mode first type msconfig at the run prompt then have a look at what has started under the startup field.
    Any programs visible under the startup field need to be enabled, so you can disable any other programs that are visable when you start up normally with the knowlage that atleast your compter will boot!

    Only you know what programs you need or would like to boot up with your computer, so just use common sense when stopping them from starting up!
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