Well were do i start? Anyhow i've read a few of the other Roll Call Threads just to get an idea on what others have said in there introduction post, so i thought and so here it is..

Names Michael
Occupation:Math Teacher

Anyhow although i specialise in Math's i have also had a keen interest's in Computers, how they work, why they work etc etc.
So i was recommened to this place from a collegue who's heavy into computers, guess you could refer to him as a computer geek.
I'm wanting to achieve an understanding of most aspects of Computer Security, i've also wanted to be a member of a Community this tight.
What i mean is that everyone is so friendly and polite so i knew that i would most likely fit right on in here.

Anyhow i'll end it here as i'm starting to chat on and on, and if you haven't guessed i like having a good chat about this that and everything else..

Over and Out