In my whole life i havent seen anything like this, the problem is that it was really dull, and colors affect other portions of the screen (for example somewhere is black, horizontally from there it will be darker and so on...), also its hard to see small first i thought it was a hardware issue with the monitor but after connecting it to my laptop it showed that its not the monitor...So far i have installed new drivers for NVidia GeForce2 MX 32MB and that didnt help, i also played with some of its toold but nothing, the problem occured all at once when i was playing UT2004 online so I thought unistalling the game might help, but negatiive, i also tried other resolutions and color quality (bits), none of it helped...AO is usually my first place of my last hopes , the one last thing i have in mind which i will do in a few minutes is to open my box and check the card out, if its plugged right in, in the meantime I could use some help from you guys thanks everyone in advance

...ohh here i almost forgot a picture just so u can actually see wtf im talking about