Judging by personal experience at my office, attacks are on the rise. Every time I run something like Ad-Aware I end up removing dozens or hundreds of undesirable bits. I don't care if they want to call the problem overly-bleached paper towel waste disposal... I know that the volume of spam and attempted worm/virus distribution only gets worse. How can they say intrusions are down when there is ever more spam? Yes you can filter, but the stuff has to get into the system before a filter can examine it. Connection? How much mal-ware is carried by spam?
Then there are pop-ups. I have actually had two users and several friends click on the "Click here to stop pop-ups!" windows!
Oi, my head!
Besides, sufficiently large corporations have the money to buy quality power-supply systems, analysts, programmers and over-priced software.
Hooray, the Fortune 500 are doing better (like we didn't know that). What about the rest of the country that actually seems to be a bulky part of the economy, work-force, families of Fortune 500 employees, etc.?
Now I'm just babbling.