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Thread: my mic pc doesnt work

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    my mic pc doesnt work

    hi, i just bought a pc microphone, i tried entering yahoo voice chat and recording my voice in windows sound recorder but i can't hear anything. I already have a sound driver. I tried checking my microphone configuration and it is set to maximum level. Do I need to download any driver? pls help me...

    I will check this forum when I get back....pls pm me your response..thanks

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    Ok just throwing a ball into the ball park here.
    But have you plugged it into the right hole in the sound card?
    That happened to me once, did everything else then realised that it was in the wrong place..


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    Front~ has a good point, I have seen that before

    The other thing is that you should check the settings in your OS and soundcard controls, and in the device's if it has any?

    Make sure that you check your sound and multimedia settings, if you have not already done so. Are you pointing at the right device?


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    Run through the Audio Tuning Wizard under tools in messenger. (Assuming you are using windows)
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    And just another Idea.
    Check your Device Drive management, thingy the MicroPhone could be conflicting with other HardWare.

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    CHECK Your Mixer settings.. Both Playback an Record..

    failing that.. and seing as this is a security forum you posted in.. and the Microsoft Security Discussions at that.. it may just be the sound port being blocked by your widows firewall

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    of course it is plugged directly to the right port i tried checking multimedia and it tells me that the soundcard is working properly... i still caN't record my voice

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    What program are you using to Record your Voice.?
    Have you tried using GoldWave?
    Hope this helps..

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    i tried checking multimedia and it tells me that the soundcard is working properly
    No............it doesn't You only get that by going into system/devices...........that tells you if it is working/has a conflicting device or whatever..............so you have checked what front2back suggested.

    The other settings option is called "Sounds and audio devices properties" (Windows XP) or "Sounds and Multimedia" (Windows ME)..................I guess Win98 is the same as WinME?

    There are various settings for sounds, audio, voice, and hardware (that one is called "devices" in WinME) You need to check that they are all set up correctly, not muted and at a reasonable volume (hint: set voice recording pretty high, you can always adjust the playback volume)

    You need to check all the settings to make sure your soundcard is being properly recognised, or you may have problems with other stuff when you try it

    If that doesn't work, try easing the microphone jackplug OUT about 1mil. I have come across devices that didn't work because you actually broke the contact if you pushed the plug in all the way.

    Failing that you should test the microphone on a machine that is known to work. It may be defective?

    Let us know how you get on

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    Just another thought, i just downloaded Yahoo Messenger plugged in my Mic and i put on some music, and when i logged in entered the chatroom i came up with a error, saying that my Audio device could not be detected..
    So i was wondering when you log in are you listening to music? Got a game running in the BackGround?
    I say this because if you do then your Sound Card is being used to run something else, therefore your MicroPhone won't work.
    And it will do the same thing if you have some type of music/ Voice recording program open as well.
    So this might just be the problem..

    anyhow if that aint the reason then i'll go back to the drawing board and perform some more test's..


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