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Thread: Ref:- Security Books

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    Ref:- Security Books

    Internet Security: A Jumpstart for Systems Administrators and IT Managers
    by Tim Speed and Juanita Ellis ISBN:1555582982
    Digital Press 2003 (398 pages)
    This book provides the latest information on how to guard against attacks and informs IT managers of the products that can detect and prevent break-ins.

    Current Security Management & Ethical Issues of Information Technology
    by Rasool Azari (ed) ISBN:1931777438
    Idea Group Publishing 2003 (289 pages)
    This scholarly examination of the ethical issues in information technology management covers basic details such as improving user education and developing security requirements as well as more complicated and far-reaching problems

    A couple of books that I found to be very useful and informative
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    Thanks for this jm i've googled up one of them and so far i'm pretty impressed might have to fork over the dough and purchase it i guess.


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