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Thread: media player not recognizing cd-rw-DVD drive

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    media player not recognizing cd-rw-DVD drive

    On my friends computer (a sony laptop running windows xp) the windows media player does not seem to be working correctly. He can play a music cd on it, and the PROGRAM not the computer entirely recognizes it as a cd-rw-dvd drive. When he takes the audio disk out and puts in a blank disk which he wants to burn stuff onto, the program, when refreshed, seems to have changed its mind, and only recognies the drive as a cd playing drive, not a cd-rw-DVD. The computer has no problem recognizing audio and data cds, but just burning them with windows media palyer isw the problem. iTunes works and allows him to burn cds with it. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    When your friend purchased the Burner, did he get any type of SoftWare with it?
    I;e Nero or Clone CD etc etc.
    If he did then is the program installed?
    And if the Burner works fine when using other Burning Programs then why not just use them?

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    This can happen with copy protected Cd's. But just to make sure that windows has been authorised to use the drive to burn files Do the following.

    Open My Computer. Right click the cd recording drive and the click properties. Click the tab for recording and make sure that allow recoring on this drive is checked in the box.
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