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Thread: Installing Video Card on Notebook

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    Installing Video Card on Notebook

    I have a Dell Insprion 8600 Notebook, 512 DDR Ram, Geforce Go5200 32 MB Graphics Card, 1.4 Ghz Pentium Processor, 15.4 Widescreen Monitor. Now my question is am I able to install a new Graphics Card onto the machine? I believe that the one in there now is onboard, but is there anyway to put in a new one? IF so how can I find one that I know is compatible, price range 2-3 hundred dollars. Also can I upgrade my processor? I have the card spots on the side (can't remember what they're called) can a graph card be installed in that? Thanks.

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    As far as i no, with notebooks if you have on board graphics you can not upgrade. There is no where to put a new card.

    However as you are unsure on this i would have a look at Dells customer support forum:


    You should find a definative answere there.
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