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Thread: Wi-Fi Access.

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    Wi-Fi Access.

    I have been reading this article about Austin, Texas and how there are some groups there who are doing their best to profide Wi-Fi access to the masses free around the city(Even in the parks!). This is really great because some people never really have the chance to get online or the resources to. It also goes to show how technology is really beginning to be embraced by everyone and not just techno gurus and the like, it is great! Here is the link to the story, it is an interesting read:


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    Nice Article which you have found on the Net.

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    It's really great that people are offering free wireless around the city. I live in Austin and it's true that there are many many access points. I was driving with a friend the other day and we wanted greek food. I luckily had my laptop with me so we pulled over where i knew there was an access point close by and BAM, we were on our way. It's great! With free wireless like that around a city it could bring lots of integrated possibilites. I'm excited about it!
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