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Thread: Installing GTK, Glib, GCC

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    Installing GTK, Glib, GCC

    Ok I have just recently installed Linux on my computer and noticed that most linux programs come in source files requiring you to compile and build them. I read up and found out that a program called GTK+ is required and for GTK+ you have to have GCC and for that you have to have gcc+-g++ I am having many problems compiling and installing all of these I tried to read the install manual but it didn't make a hoe lot of sense. I'm using Mandrake 10.0 if it matters. Please help and I do thank you all.

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    If you have Mandrake 10, chances are you will have gcc and probably even GTK+ installed because they are standard packages. Try running:

    gcc -v

    at the command line. It should give you the version number of gcc as well as some other information about it - if this happens then you have gcc installed already. Same goes for g++, try:

    g++ -v

    although there's a good chance if you have gcc that you'll have g++ anyway.
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