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Thread: Speak Out Against RIAA- Only 30000 left

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    Speak Out Against RIAA- Only 30000 left

    The Electronic Frontier foundation is taking action to stop RIAA violation of rights, privacy, and civil liberties. It will send a letter to congress. We have over 70,000 signatures and we need 100,000. I encourage you to sign this petition to support fair and just legislation and to help file-sharing continue. I do not encourage the illeagal sharing of copyrighted materials, but I support file sharing. This is an issue that needs to be adressed NOW! Eff's letter to congress is below:

    "To The United States Congress:
    We are the customers and former customers of the member labels of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). We love music and will gladly pay a fair price for it, but we are outraged by the RIAA's tactics in suing ordinary Americans for filesharing.
    We condemn the RIAA's choice to force the family of a 12 year-old girl to forfeit $2,000 - money that could have gone to feed, clothe and educate this honor student. We stand with the retirees, parents, children and others who have been caught in the RIAA's line of fire.
    We respect reasonable copyright law, but we strongly oppose copyright enforcement that comes at the expense of privacy, due process and fair application of the law.
    We urge you, as our representatives in Congress, to stop this madness.
    We oppose the recording industry's decision to attack the public, bankrupt its customers and offer false amnesty to those who would impugn themselves. We call instead for a real amnesty: the development of a legal alternative that preserves file-sharing technology while ensuring that artists are fairly compensated.
    In signing this petition, we formally request that the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), as representatives of the public interest, be included in any upcoming hearings regarding the proper scope of copyright enforcement in the digital age.
    We sincerely thank you for your time. "

    What the RIAA is doing is a violation of our civil rights and liberties and of our privacy and security.This website is dedicated to security, and RIAA is violating our security on the internet to make criminals of 60 MILLION Americans by FORCIBLY DEMANDING THAT OUR ISPS HAND OVER OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH A SIMPLE SUBPONEA! After a lawsuit the court ruled that VERIZON and other ISPS did not have to turn over information involentarily. HOWEVER this is still happening! The RIAA is still violating our security on the internet and getting our information which IS in our control if you sign this letter to congress and join the 70,000 people who believe that RIAA is violating our rights, civil liberties, and security.


    To view information about the war on file sharing visit:

    to see if your information has been subponead by the RIAA please visit:

    to view EFF's full page ad featured in THE ROLLING STONES MAGAZINE please go here:

    Thank you for your time in considering this violation of our security

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    I'd love to sign this petition, but unfortunatly as i don't use any of those p2p programs i'm not really loosing much..
    But i do wish you good luck in your fight against the RIIAA..


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    The Recidivist
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    Nov 2002
    .:front2back:. , Regardless if you use these p2p programs or not, thats not the issue. Your apathy towards this is a prime example of what is wrong with privacy rights today. By saying "It doesn't directly involve me" and allowing it to pass you opens the door to other issues which eventually will affect you but by then will be to late. Also, being blinded by the trumpting reasons ( example The Patriot Act ) allows the goverment to remove certain privacy rights with your consent and then use for other motives. There have been several people already convicted under thet terrorist act, none of which have been actual terrorist.

    All I am saying is beware of you apathy and really think about the consequences of your actions, or in this case, inactions.

    btw I proudly signed the petition.

    "Where the tree of knowledge stands, there is always paradise": thus speak the oldest and the youngest serpents.
    - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    .:front2back:. , Regardless if you use these p2p programs or not, thats not the issue. Your apathy towards this is a prime example of what is wrong with privacy rights today. By saying "It doesn't directly involve me" and allowing it to pass you opens the door to other issues which eventually will affect you but by then will be to late.
    Could you tell me how in the end this whole fiascoe is going to affect me?

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    Apr 2003
    Could you tell me how in the end this whole fiascoe is going to affect me?
    he's saying that other issues will evolve from this one that maybe will affect you. And btw: What negative effects affect you by signing the patition ?

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    @ŞΜĮЙǐЅŦГǻţΩЯ D0pp139an93r's Avatar
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    May 2003
    St. Petersburg, FL
    Those who would sacrifice freedom for security have neither.

    I'm signing.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    As much as I hate the RIAA, one thing is clear. Copyrights are copyrights. You download **** and do not pay for it, it is your ass.

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    Senior Member nihil's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    United Kingdom: Bridlington
    As I read front2back's post he sympathises with the petition but won't sign it, as it does not affect him...........?

    Well I think that he is right on both counts, but for a slightly "technical" reason................

    He is Australian, I am English so if we signed (assuming that we agreed) we would effectively "dilute" the impact of the petition as we have no votes in the USA.

    Reminds me of the immortal words of the congressman in the song "Charlie Brown" (?)

    "I'd like to help you son, but you're too young to vote"

    That is all they care about?..........if this issue comes to Europe and Australia (as it almost certainly will) then it will have to be contested under European and Australian laws respectively.

    Also, we get very p1$$ed off when you guys tell us how to run our countries, so it would be extremely crass and bad mannered of us not to respect your rights to self determination?

    As I see it, this is an American issue, regarding the civil liberties etc. of American Citizens. If you want to internationalise it, then you would have to produce similar petitions in different countries, and present them to the lawmakers in those countries?

    just my thoughts

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    AO Antique pwaring's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Bah, the EFF assumes, like so many sites on the Internet, that I'm American and therefore live in a state. Besides, I think they get far too panicky about civil rights issues.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    AO übergeek phishphreek's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    nihil: I was just going to say that... doesn't matter if he signs it or not... it won't count.

    Unless he has an alter ego that somehow lives in the states...


    pick a state and last name... you're sure to come up with plenty of alter egos... just be sure to "renew" your ip and clear your cache/cookies everytime.
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