Yeah the poll is a loaded question. Did that on purpose.

And here I though Tony Blair actually had a lick of sense. Turns out he might not have the sense the Good Lord gave a door-knob. Oh yeah! Lets let the people with emotional imbalances sit on criminal jurys. That will be a fair trial. To me this will just be another way to get criminals off the hook, by appealing that one or more of the jurors was unfit to determine guilt or innocence, due to an emotional imblance. People with emotional problems will not be able to disassociate their individual, and potentially ongoing, problems from the criminal case at hand. Maybe Blair has a multi-personality disorder? Well that would explain a few things.

In an effort to remove the stigma associated with mental illness, the government of British Prime Minister Tony Blair wants to lift the ban that currently prevents people with mental health problems from sitting in judgment of their peers, reports the London Times.

Currently, anyone being treated for any of a series of mental health problems, from garden-variety depression to full-blown psychosis, may not serve on a jury.

But Blair’s government wants to send the message that people with mental health problems should be given the same access to ordinary mainstream opportunities as everybody else.

The initiative is part of a series of measures proposed by the Social Exclusion Unit – among them a review of how wackos are treated by the media and sensitivity training for police – intended to prevent discrimination against those with mental illness in the same sense people are currently protected because of race, age, gender, sexuality, religion and physical disabilities