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Thread: Researching CyberLaw

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    Researching CyberLaw

    Researching CyberLaw

    Ok, my first tut. I started this last July and then stopped working on it until I found it this morning.

    Taking Tim_axe's advice (http://www.antionline.com/showthread...&postid=753164) I've decided to post a link, rather than the tut itself.


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    This is a good over view of how to start a search for a particular law or the abstince there of, but I would have like to see an example of one carried through also.
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    The reason posting a tutorial here in stead of linking to it is a better option, is the fact that AntiOnline probably is going to be around longer than a free webhost. People have linked to tutorials before, and a couple of months later the link is broken. That's the reasons I don't include them in the Tutorials Index, btw.

    Nice intro, btw.

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    It would be nice if someone attached that file. I can't see it, probably the bandwidth of the site might have ran off.
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    I'm not sure why you can't get to it... I was able to.

    I'll attach it anyway.
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