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Thread: net helpmsg 2310 NEwbie needs help

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    Unhappy net helpmsg 2310 NEwbie needs help

    I keep getting ms dos pop ups that say, type net helpmsg 2310, and nothoing is working right. How do I fix this problem? I believe the registry editor is mixed up but when I try to look at it will only stay up for about ten seconds. Please help
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    C:\Documents and Settings\user>net helpmsg 2310

    This shared resource does not exist.


    The share name you specified does not exist.


    Check the spelling of the share name.

    To display a list of resources shared on the server, type:

    Looks like a mapped drive can't reconnect. (either because it doesn't exist or it can't be reached)

    If the regedit keeps closing itself... run spyware removal programs and scan for a virus/trojan.


    Those are a couple of places to start.

    Also, run a hijackthis and save the log to a .txt file, zip it and post it here.
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    Here's a link related to the subject:http://www.anticlue.net/mt/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=141

    Now,as it says,you might've installed a false windows update,and you need to acces your registry to delete the faulty entry in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Run key.Here's a few ideas.Tried ,aking a copy of your registry editor as regedit.com(type copy regedit.exe regedit.com) and run it from there?Tried seeing if you can disable the process via msconfig.exe?As a last resort,you might want to download a registry cleaner(http://www.winguides.com/software/category.php/7/).This should be a direct link,but go to www.winguides.com if doesnt work

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