My girlfriend has had an email account with Yahoo for awhile. Within the past few days we have learned that her ex-husband has been into her account reading and sending emails. How we noticed was the password had been changed by the means of the secret question. She choose, "What is your father's middle name?". Which wasn't really hard for him to type in and get a new password. So there's a good security tip for everyone. Don't choose an easy question that someone could easily figure out, especially if they know you. I choose, "What was your childhood hero?" Heh, I don't remember what I put. Anyways, back to my issue. I searched on Yahoo's site forever looking for an option or link or any info about changing your secret question. Does anyone know if this possible? If so, please post any relevant info and point me in the right direction. I'm hoping the only solution will not be to abandon her email account and create a new one, because it would be an inconvience for an old email account to change accounts everywhere on the web and notify everyone in your address book. If we contacted Yahoo, would they be able or willing to help out in any way? Is there some other solution I'm looking over?