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    Apache Web Server


    I'm looking for help on the configuration of an Apache Web Server that I am creating for my school. The web server is being run on Red Hat Fedora. So far, I have successfully installed Apache and have been able to connect to the IP by typing it into a browser window. However, right now the default index.html page just shows up. As well, I have created a set of users with passwords using htpasswd (i believe that's what it is called)

    From here, I want to be able to make per_user webspace which is where each user can have their own specified html section which is usually defined by a ~ after the website such as www.something.com/~User1. I've tried using the Apache Help files, but found that they weren't specific enough since I am a huge n00b at this. Any help/links/comments/suggestions/questions...anything.... would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!


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    I suggest more reading..

    Did you look at http://www.apache.org ?

    You didnt mention which version so for starters...

    For 2.x see

    The Apache documentation can't be more specific.

    Post back how it goes


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    I guess things are going a bit better.

    Now, I have made it so that you can connect to the web server and immediately see the three users laid out in a directory format. If you click on it to view its contents, a box pops up asking you to log in with the appropriate user name and password. If correct, you can see the contents. And if you try to access another persons folder, a new user/pass box pops up. Inside of the user folders, I have created a folder called public_html, which is used to display the users home website. The problem is that since this folder is inside of the main user folder, if you try to directly access the folder by typing http://IPAddress.com/~sparkios/index.html, you are told that you must log in. Since the website is supposed to be for the public to see, how would i go about allowing everyone to view the website of the user but not the users main folder contents. Thanks for any help. BTW it is the newest version of Apache that I am running. (not sure of version #)

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